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Pirate's Dinner Adventure

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Pirate's Dinner Adventure attraction photo
  • Location: Buena Park, CA

Pirate's Dinner Adventure is acclaimed as "the world's most unique interactive dinner show." Guests are entertained with an astonishing display of special-effects wizardry, aerial artistry, swashbuckling swordplay, dynamic duels and daring-do; a classic story of good vs. evil that offers the perfect blend of action, adventure, comedy and romance; the opportunity to interact in the adventure; and a sumptuous dining experience.

Just a few gangplanks away from Orange County's famous Caribbean pirates, a new breed of pirate has set sail in Southern California. Bringing local citizens and visitors a high seas adventure the likes of which hasn't been seen on the West Coast since Privateer Captain Hippolyte Bouchard set fire to Monterey, raided Santa Barbara and pillaged Mission San Juan Capistrano in 1818.

The show is perfect for children and adults alike, so take a few minutes to check out the rest of our site, then fill out our reservation form to reserve your space for a pirate adventure you will always remember.


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